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Tissue Modelling Framework
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*cells.cFunctions which control current states and evolution of cells
o*chemf.cFunctions used for solving chemical global fields
o*comm.cCommunication functions
o*domdec.cDomain decomposition functions
o*fields.cDriving functions for the global fields
o*fields.hVariables and arrays for global fields
o*global.hMost important global variables, arrays and defines
o*gradient.cFunctions that compute potential gradient
o*grid.cFunctions that build the computational grid
o*init.cInitialization functions
o*inline.hVarious Timothy inline functions
o*interp.cGrid to cellular data interpolation functions
o*io.cI/O functions
o*io.hDefines and declarations for I/O functions
o*main.cMain simulation loop
o*potential.cFunctions that compute the potential
o*random.cFunctions which handle the RNG
o*stats.cFunctions computing and printing simulation statisctical information
o*tempf.cFunctions used for solving temperature field
o*tree.cTree build functions
o*utils.cVarious utility functions
\*vessel.cFunctions defining virtual vessels